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What to Do if Your Teen is Charged With a Sex Crime

As a parent, hearing news that your child has been charged with a sex crime is shocking and disheartening, yet a criminal charge that you’ll need to help him battle in court. There is an array of types of sex charges a teen might be charged with that falls into a sex crimes category. It is important to breathe, first and foremost, and learn more about the charge.

Your child may be arrested and taken to a juvenile detention facility where he or she will stay until a judge orders the release. This time period varies from one judge to the next. Once this time expires, you’ll pick up your child and await the court date. The court appearance is the date and time that a judge will hear the case, determine the guilt and the appropriate punishment for the teen.

Do not take this charge lightly. Any type of sex crime is very serious and can land your teen in serious trouble. This trouble includes potential incarceration in a juvenile detention facility and registry on a sex offender list. It is important to speak to Fairfax lawyers regarding the case and the charge and likely, retaining them to represent your teen in court.

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Lawyers understand the seriousness of this charge, as well as the laws surrounding the particular sex crime. They’ll give your teen the best shot at a fair hearing in court, ensuring that they’re not considered guilty before their time in court. Without an attorney, this is not always something that happens, despite what the judicial system portrays.

Attorneys prepare the case for court, prepare a defense for your teen, and ensure that all of the evidence is heard. Hopefully this results in dismissal of the case. However in the event of a conviction, the attorney ensures that the punishment isn’t the most severe of the potential consequences of a conviction.